I will assume whoever is reading this statement is a human, but my question to you is how did you become the human you are today?  Whilst this may be a personal question and I probably should take you out for coffee first before asking. I am led to question this myself and in turn question others. I am fasinated by poignant moments in our lives and society's expectations that frame our mindsets and guide us to how we act in our future. From the mundane to the traumatic, why is it these events make such an impact on our lives?

But why do we take interest in the lives of others?  Apart from being nosey, we like validation that what we are doing in our lives is right, or that other people has felt the same way we have. By bringing light to hidden moments in peoples lives, we able to feel accepted and talk about these events. Instead of allowing these moments to amass in the mind and implode leading to a bigger problems that affect our mental health.

By using a range of materials, from silk, oil paint, clay and wax to create paintings and sculptures to explore the human figure, to divulge the internal human mind. I want to answer these questions and unmask the private moments that we tend to hide. 

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